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Site-Specific Installation

July 3, 2011

Deep Water Well

Title: Deep Water Well, Clear Cut Signs and Disconnects, Constellation Andromeda
Series: In Urban Zen 4
Date: June 2011
Location: Tar Roof Garden, Newark, New Jersey
mirrors, aluminum roofing paint, paint, truck tire, and tree stumps

June 21, 2011

Clear - Cut Signs and Disconnections

Painted logs, collected rainwater in glass jars from leaks in the roof and mirrors in the shape of the constellation Cancer "the Dark Sign"
Date: June 21, 2011

April 14, 2011

Twilight, City Light, Flashlight

2002 Transformations 2011
acrylic on canvas "Mace, Blank, Addict"

Twilight, City Light, Flashlight
acrylic on canvas "Toxic, Nod, Sugar Maple"